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Miscellaneous and Federal Bonds

Construction worker tending to injured co-worker on a job site.There are almost as many categories of surety bonding as there are categories of agreements, contracts and situations where people may fail to perform as promised.

Some of these are:

(A) Bill of Lading Bonds, Adoption Bonds, Financial Responsibility Bonds and Travel Agency Bonds.

(B) Lost Securities Bonds.

(C) United States Excise Bonds. (Includes Brewer’s Bonds, Distiller’s Bonds, Industrial, Alcohol Bonds, Wine Maker’s Bonds, and Tobacco Manufacturer’s Bonds.)

(D) Custom Bonds. (Includes Importer/Exporter Bonds, Carrier Bonds, and Warehouse Bonds.)

There are many others too numerous to mention. In these special situations, the experience of a corporate surety can be very helpful.